Organize a side event

Stockholm+50 side event proposal guidance note 

The window to submit a side event proposal has now closed. We thank all those who have submitted an application. The list of approved side events will be made available by the end of April 2022. 


The call for proposals opened on 20 December 2021 and closed on 7 March 2022.  

Announcement of the selected side events is expected to be made by the end of April 2022. 

Format and selection process 

The main components of the official side events should be physically held in the meeting venue in Stockholm while allowing for virtual engagement, outreach and participation.  

Side events will take place throughout the day, including in parallel with formal sessions.  

It is expected that a maximum of 40 official side events will be selected. Submitted proposals will be screened and reviewed and approved by the Stockholm+50 coordination team.  

The selection process will seek to ensure broad geographical distribution of organizers and be guided by the following selection criteria: 

  1. Thematic consideration: The theme of a side event should relate to the theme of the Stockholm+50 meeting, with a specific focus on at least one of the aforementioned leadership dialogues. 

  1. Audience engagement: The side event should, as far as possible, ensure an interactive and engaging dialogue with panel members and/or the audience with a moderator that has a background in hosting such events to ensure a compelling event within the allocated time. 

  1. Broad representation: 

  • The design and structure of the side event should ensure broad stakeholder participation. 

  • The choice of lead speakers / contributors / panellists to the event should, to the furthest extent possible, be geographically, generationally and gender balanced. 

Priority will be given to side events that are co-sponsored by two or more entities/ partners 

Finally, it should be noted that organizers of side events will be fully responsible for the following tasks and responsibilities: 

  • Organizing and promoting the side event. 

  • Inviting panellists and speakers; 

  • Covering expenses of the live streaming and catering (which can be ordered from the venue), and, if relevant, any expenses related to travel and accommodation for panellists and speakers;   

  • Advertising and marketing the event beyond the Stockholm+50 website so that it secures as broad an audience as possible; 

  • Arranging for any logistical and registration requirements and, where necessary, securing access to the Stockholm+50 meeting venue. Logistical arrangements relating to approved official side events, such as room allocation, sound, projectors etc., will be made upon approval. 

  • Giving due consideration to any media / social-media activities relating to side events, in cooperation with the Stockholm+50 media team. 

Please note: A side event should last a maximum of one hour and fifteen minutes and will be scheduled throughout the day. (Local time in Stockholm) 

Each side event room includes standard furniture, podium, projector, screen, and microphones at no cost. Equipment for live streaming and catering services related to the side event is not included but can be ordered from the venue at additional cost. Organization and financing of all other services are the responsibility of side event hosts.


Organizers will be invited to provide a short final report with a summary of the outcomes of the event to be published on the Stockholm+50 website.