Conversations: Generations of climate change shapers

Thursday 2 June
11:30-12:45 CEST
Stockholmsmässan, Room 3

Organizers: UNICEF, Fridays for Future Sweden

About: We live in a world in which problem-solving outside pre-existing structures is a must. Young people are demanding shifts in power structures and need us to support them as the go-to agents of change in their lives. With their unyielding optimism, unique insight into the issues that are affecting them the most in their lives, and bold and innovative thinking, youth are relentless in their call for action on climate change – but struggle with feelings of depression and anxiety with slow global action.

This interactive workshop will focus on the need for ‘conversations’ across generations of climate change shapers toward bolder, bigger, and more inclusive collective action. At the centre of the conversations are five of today’s young innovators from across the globe, who are living role models of impact. Their diversity and strength exemplify equity in action. They are paired with climate scientists, policymakers, UN partners, and leading corporate executives in live conversations to explore similarities of purpose and the potential of greater impact with a collective mission. Five simultaneous conversations in real-time about local technology and innovative solutions in play- in communities, labs, board rooms, policy halls- and the need for scale-up aligned with global innovation ecosystems.

In what promises to be an interactive and engaging dialogue across generations, five young social entrepreneurs, activists, and innovators take a deep dive into the challenges and solutions to the global climate crisis in a conversation with counterparts from the private and public sector and academia. 

Moderator(s): Thomas Davin (UNICEF Global Office of Innovation), Pernilla Baralt (UNICEF Sweden)


  • Ebba Ganslandt (Fridays for Future Sweden)
  • Dhreen Abdullah (Fridays for Future Balochistan)
  • Sofía Vergara (Fridays for Future Argentina)
  • Buy My Nhat (USPHIFT Vietnam)
  • Credo Gansou (UPSHIFT Benin)
  • Golala Ruhani (Sida)
  • Emelie Öhlander (Ericsson)
  • Stefan Swartling Peterson (Karolinska Institutet)
  • Christian Landgren (ITEAM)
  • Eleonora Gatti (UNICEF)

Contact person: Cristina Baeza (

Event outcomes (Key transformative actions):

  • UN experts, policymakers, private sector representatives, and academia committed to involving young people more and more often in the design of the climate conversations and solutions, after being struck by the strength, ideas, passion, commitment, and activism of young role models around the world who are working to accelerate results to tackle climate change.  

  • Young climate activists were inspired to pursue a career focused on the importance of innovative collective action for impact at scale to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity for all.


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