Asia and the Pacific Regional Multi-stakeholder Consultation

4-5 April 2022, 09:00-11:30 (UTC+7, Bangkok)

Format: Virtual | Zoom

Language: English

The Asia and the Pacific Regional Multi-stakeholder Consultation for Stockholm+50 took place on the 4th and 5th of April 2002, in a virtual format that allowed for a lively, fluid conversation involving over 300 hundred participants from around the region. It gave space to a multitude of unique voices in productive, solutions-focused dialogue, with 2 plenary sessions and 5 working groups.

Some key messages and recommendations for the plenaries are:

  • The importance of collective action and stakeholder mobilization, including different forms of indigenous and traditional knowledge systems;
  • The need to recognize and deal with conflicts of interest through both voluntary and binding forms of governance;
  • Ensuring the future of work for youth will require a clean, healthy, sustainable environment.
  • There is an urgent need to correct the world’s economic, social, and environmental trajectories through a just and equitable transition.
  • Giving indigenous communities a platform to share their knowledge and practices, “in their own words, from their own mouths,” is necessary.
  • Creating new narrative for a positive vision of the future.
  • Intergenerational equity is paramount in addressing the triple crisis.

Report now available here


Programme here

Day 1 - 4 April 2022 in English only

Day 2 - 5 April 2022 in English only

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