Subnational Authorities

Over the past fifty years, subnational authorities have proven themselves as critical actors and important voices in the global quest for sustainable and equitable development. It is critical that the voices of subnational governments are heard ‘local and clear’ at Stockholm+50 to connect and scale actions for a better future on a healthy planet with prosperity for all.

UNEP is facilitating a process to ensure that these voices are heard at Stockholm+50. As part of the subnational government engagement process, UNEP has set up a ‘friends of’ group with key organisations to:

1. run a series of consultative meetings, building on events by these respective partners,

2. bring subnational Champions to the Stockholm+50 Working Group discussions and the regional consultations, to contribute to the thinking and forging bold actions; and

3. link up with the June events, both the Cities Stockholm+50 High Level Forum organised by the City of Stockholm and C40 and the UN Conference itself. Find out more here.

The aim is to articulate a vision of the role of subnational authorities in tackling the triple planetary crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution; to ensure that subnational authorities have a ‘seat at the table’ in Stockholm+50; to generate momentum for initiatives that seek to empower and inspire subnational authorities to pursue sustainability; to strengthen existing networks of cities and other subnational authorities; and, to build on and amplify existing commitments towards multilateral environmental agreements.



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