Private Sector

Dialogue with committed and ambitious businesses from the Global North and the Global South was an integrated component of Stockholm+50.

Our vision was to engage and mobilize business in the run up to Stockholm+50 and to ensure meaningful private sector contribution to multi-stakeholder dialogues at Stockholm+50, leading to well-informed proposals and actionable recommendations, to be presented at the Leadership Dialogues and included in the summary of the discussions. The input of business, in a multi-stakeholder context, will strengthen proposals and recommendations, and contribute to a joint action agenda, a common legacy and delivery on the ground.

Sustainable Value Chains

The overarching theme for business engagement at Stockholm+50 was "sustainable value chains".

In the 50 years since the 1972 Stockholm Conference, global value chains have increasingly driven the world economy, lifting many people out of poverty, and creating unprecedented aggregate economic value. It has also generated serious unintended consequences that require urgent corrective, interconnected actions on climate, nature, and social equity.

The sustainable transformation of global value chains must be our shared priority and must secure:

  • our common societal public goods (no poverty, zero hunger, universal access to education, health, water, decent work and economic growth, clean affordable energy, reduced inequalities, and human rights) in line with meeting the SDGs; and
  • our global environmental commons (healthy climate, ocean, life on land, resource use) in line with the Paris Agreement and the environmental SDGs.

Private sector engagement at Stockholm+50