Major Groups

In addition to all the many national and regional consultations and webinars to which major groups and stakeholders are invited to engage and contribute to, there are also events and webinars organized by major groups and stakeholders of civil society for anybody interested to join, participate and contribute to.

As a preparation for your engagement in the Stockholm+50 process, Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, in cooperation with ForUM Norway, is organizing a set of webinars on the legacy of Stockholm. A dedicated website was set up for this purpose.

Several topics will be discussed by experts to better understand the history, the achievements and future challenges of 50 years of environmental policies. Besides 7 interesting webinars, the organizers will also draft a peoples’ narrative, based on outcomes of the webinars and the regional consultations, which will be debated on 10-11 of May (virtual).

Please check this website: to keep yourself updated an all actions and also see listing all planned events in April and May 2022. Kindly follow the registration links to the webinars we are organizing.

For any questions please contact: [email protected]