Academic and Research Community

The academic and research community has a critical role to play in developing the solutions that will help us transform our society and transition to a just and sustainable green economy. To ensure their voices are heard as we reflect back on the last 50 years of global environmental governance and envision the next 50, the academic and research stakeholder engagement track is focused on facilitating discussions, consultations, and events among the scientific community. This engagement will have three key outcomes:

  • An independent scientific report authored by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW). This report will provide the scientific basis for the Stockholm+50 meeting, synthesizing relevant information drawn from both the scientific literature and policy documents. It will be accompanied by a youth report drafted in close consultation with the Stockholm+50 youth task force.
  • An academic conference, "Sustainable planet, sustainable health – how science-based solutions can drive transformative change." A hybrid, one-day event that showcases how science can and does contribute to solutions to our triple planetary crisis— biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution and waste. This event is co-organized by Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and the Stockholm Environment Institute.
  • A four-part GGKP Webinar Series convening leading champions from governments, NGOs, international organizations, civil society, and industry to exchange insights on the relevant themes of Stockholm+50. Members of the scientific community will participate in the series and share their insights.

Notable Dates

  • 22 February, 14:00 –15:30 CET | GGKP Stockholm+50 Webinar 1: Insights and Actions to Achieve a Healthy Planet for the Prosperity of All
  • 29 March, 14:00 –15:30 CET | GGKP Stockholm+50 Webinar 2: A Green and Inclusive Recovery – Building Sustainable Responses to Emergencies
  • 26 April, 14:00 –15:30 CET | GGKP Stockholm+50 Webinar 3: Blah Blah Blah? – What the Global Community can do to turn Commitments into Action
  • TBC May, 14:00 –15:30 CET | GGKP Stockholm+50 Webinar 1: A Healthy Planet for the Prosperity of All – Have we done justice to the vision of Stockholm 1972
  • 1 June 2022: Academic Conference in Stockholm
  • 2 June 2022: Official Launch of Scientific report