Water Alignment: To enable innovation and finance for a climate-resilient future

Thursday 2 June
09:30-10:45 CEST
Stockholmsmässan, Room 5

Organizers: Global Water Partnership, Governments of The Netherlands, Sweden, and Tajikistan, UNEP-DHI

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About: A holistic approach to water management is key to achieving Agenda 2030 successfully, to ensure a healthy and resilient world for future generations. For this to happen, there is a need to dramatically shift the way we think and act on water, to go farther, faster, with emphasis on healthy nature and ecosystems. Currently, countries shoulder the responsibility to advance on transition targets and develop action plans in silos, without alignment with market-driven investment decisions and citizen actions in the real economy. Water alignment can de-risk leadership choices and enable innovation and financing to maintain a sustainable human environment and provide a common guide for critical actors to drive change.

This session will focus on highlighting how water alignment and ecosystem thinking can be applied to make transformational change possible through deliberately choosing to work differently and collaboratively, with governments, civil society, private sector and investors, youth and marginalised groups. Improving Water Alignment can allow for better harmony between those who aim to achieve and connect global targets, and those who make decisions on the actions and investments needed to reach those targets – to support water aligned resource management and ecosystems for a healthy planet and prosperous future for all.

Moderator(s): Darko Manakovski (Global Water Partnership)


  • Kitty van der Heijden (Ministry of Foreign Affairs DG The Netherlands)
  • Claudia Hiepe (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany)
  • Shreya Ramachandran (Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force)
  • Tom Grasso (Environmental Defense Fund)
  • Cecilia Scharp (Sida)
  • Karin Kronhöffer (Swedfund)

Video Messages:

  • Joakim Harlin (UNEP)
  • Sulton Rahimzoda (Tajikistan)

Contact person: Darko Manakovski (darko.manakovski_at_gwp.org)

Event outcomes (Key transformative actions):

  • By 2024, the Global Water Partnership and an expanding group of diverse partners will enable the water alignment as an actionable vehicle that can drive transformative change across stakeholders and sectors, strategies, political leadership and finance, with water as the central driver.
  • All water sector actors to join forces to scale confidence and ambition, based on existing in initiatives and commitments, and make the UN 2023 Water conference inclusive, action oriented and cross sectoral, bringing the building blocks for ambitions transformative change in pace for that comes beyond 2023.


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