Sustainable Living within 1.5 degrees: innovative pathways to live better and lighter

Thursday 2 June
17:30 - 18:45 CEST
Stockholmsmässan, Stage 2  |  Livestream

Organizers: Hot or Cool Institute, in cooperation with Germany/BMUV and Colombia (Ministry of Environment) and GO4SDGs (UNEP)



At the heart of the sustainability transition are the aspirations of people to live in a better future. What gets lost between discussions on technology and economic growth are opportunities for lifestyle changes that emphasize interconnections between people and a healthy planet, a theme underscored by Stockholm+50. Promoting sustainable living is powerful: it brings legitimacy to the process by engaging people in shaping imagination for sustainable living. Evidence shows that all economies will have to adjust lifestyles and consumption levels to live within a 1.5-degree, while attending to inequality and supporting wellbeing. In essence we need to re-think how we eat, move, live and choose to spend our time and resources, and re-design the systems (infrastructure, policy, markets, technology, etc) that support them.

This event will explore how our future lifestyles would need to change and will present different scenarios and pathways for sustainable living. Panelists will outline ongoing efforts and help concretely reimagine less consumptive but highly fulfilling lifestyles - mapping needed value shifts, policies to support needed interventions, innovation, infrastructure, new business models and investment priorities. It will build on regional consultations; policy approaches; and amplify messages to regenerate, rebalance and restore our relationship with nature.

Contact person: Beatrice Meo (

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