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UPDATE: The top ideas and initiatives on 'transformative actions' are emerging from the discussions and collective thinking at the Stockholm+50 side events. These transformative actions have been organized according to the ten issue areas of the three Leadership Dialogues of Stockholm+50.

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Side event programme (PDF)

General information for Side Event Organisers

  • Stockholm+50 Side Events were held as in-person events at the Stockholm+50 venue on 2 and 3 June 2022. Side Events constituted one of the pillars of Stockholm+50, alongside the formal programme consisting of Plenary sessions and Leadership Dialogues. They addressed relevant themes of Stockholm+50 and were organised by participants at the international meeting. A full programme for Side Events is available on the Stockholm+50 website.
  • Side Events were selected in a competitive process, based on the applications that were submitted until the deadline of 7 March 2022.
  • Organizers of Stockholm+50 Side Events had to be affiliated with accredited organisations and registered for the international meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Side Events and Associated Events?

  • Associated Events were independently organised events that took place all around the world. Approved Associated Events were featured on the official Stockholm+50 event calendar. More information about associated events.

What is the format of Side Events?

  • Side Events were held physically at the Stockholm+50 venue during 2 and 3 June 2022. Side Events ran in parallel with formal proceedings throughout the two days of Stockholm+50.
  • Side Events had a maximum duration of 75 minutes. Side Event organisers were asked to arrive at their designated room 30 minutes before the start of the event (moderators, speakers and other invited guests were recommended to arrive 15 minutes in advance).
  • Side Events rooms were not equipped to provide simultaneous interpretation. However, for special cases, locally sourced consecutive interpretation was made available at cost and depending on language requirements and interpreters' availability.

How many participants can attend each Side Event?

  • Each Side Event room had seating capacity for approximately 80 in-person participants. For Side Event organisers wishing to host a hybrid event and/or livestream the event to an online audience, there was the option to hire livestream equipment at an extra cost (see below).
  • In-person participants at the international meeting wishing to attend a side event, were invited to join on a first come, first served basis, and taking into consideration that the maximum occupancy of each room could not be exceeded at any time (the maximum occupancy was determined through the number of seats available in the room; only in-person seated participants were allowed).

As an organiser of a Side Event, what are my responsibilities?

  • Organisers were responsible for designating a primary contact person, as well as an alternate, and for providing their contact details. Primary contacts were regarded as the direct focal points for any communications related to the production, coordination and organisation of Side Events. The name and email of the contact person was published in the Stockholm+50 Side Events webpage together with the general information of the respective Side Event.
  • Organisers were required to provide updated information on event details and logistical needs, to be completed via a planning form no later than the 4th of May.
  • Side Events were conducted according to the information provided in the application (regarding title, description, panelists, etc.). Deviations from the original concept had to be communicated to the Stockholm+50 Side Events coordination team ([email protected]) no later than the 4th May. Major changes might have had implications on the acceptance status of the Side Event.
  • Organisers were responsible to confirm that the co-organising institutions were accredited to participate in the international meeting.
  • Organisers were responsible for ensuring that all moderators, panelists and speakers were registered to attend the meeting. Once registered, they were allowed to access the venue and Side Event rooms throughout the meeting. 
  • The time allocated for any given Side Event was 75 minutes; it was the organisers’ responsibility to adhere to this timeframe, to avoid delays in the agenda of other Side Events.
  • Organisers of Side Events were instructed to bring their own USB-sticks for presentations. An on-site laptop was made available to project the material on screen.
  • Each Side Events’ communication, amplification and outreach via social media was to be taken care of by the organisers.
  • All events strove to be paper- free to minimize the environmental impact of the international meeting. Likewise, no single use plastic bottles or other containers were to be brought on-site or be made available to participants.
  • The sale of printed materials or any goods by the Side Event organiser inside the venue was strictly prohibited.
  • Side Event organisers were advised not to set up displays or put posters on meeting room walls during a Side Event or at any other time during the international meeting.
  • Organisers were kindly requested to provide a short final report with a summary of the outcomes of the event to be published on the Stockholm+50 website.

Are there any considerations regarding Intellectual property rights that I need to be aware of?

  • The Government of Sweden as the host country of Stockholm +50 Conference and the UN, through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), as the Secretariat of the Conference respects the intellectual property rights of others and we expect and ask all organisers of side events to do the same.
  • Organisers were independently responsible to treat copyrighted material, that was to be distributed to the public or performed publicly or displayed publicly at Stockholm+50, in accordance with applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws, treaties and UN administrative issuances

How do I register speakers and guests for my side event?

  • Panelists, moderators and other speakers had to be accredited and registered by the co-hosting organisations. Please refer to the official guidance on registration.

What deadlines do I need to be aware of?

  • Deadlines for registering to attend the international meeting. Please find the relevant deadlines for your organisation on the registration page.

What kind of rooms are available at the venue?

There are two kinds of rooms available at the venue.

  • “Board room” set up (1 room available): This Side Event room was furnished with a square shaped, board room table with seating capacity for 38 people, plus 38 people in a back seat position. There were also be some additional seats along the walls for audience. The room was equipped with projector and LCD- screens and fixed microphones on the tables for 38 people. This room enabled livestreaming and hybrid participation, at an extra cost assumed by the organiser.
  • “Theatre seating” set up (4 rooms available): This Side Event room included standard furniture, podium, projector, screen, and head- microphones. At the stage there were one lecterne and three standing tables. Two of the “theatre seating” rooms enabled livestreaming and hybrid participation, at an extra cost assumed by the organiser.

Can I host a hybrid event and/or livestream the event?

  • It was possible to rent additional hybrid meeting equipment from the venue at an additional cost. This equipment enabled livestreaming functionality. On-site technicians assisted with operating the equipment, such as microphones, projectors, etc. Organisers were responsible for facilitating the streaming platform, such as YouTube or Facebook.
  • The cost of renting hybrid meeting equipment per side event (75 minutes) amounted to 1,800 EUR excluding VAT. This additional service had to be paid in advance of Stockholm+50. Side Event organizers who requested livestreaming were contacted directly by the host country.

Can I offer catering at my event?

  • Yes, at an additional cost. Activities that involve catering had to have beeen arranged directly with the food and beverage supplier Mässrestauranger. Their contact information is below:
    • Mässrestauranger (RoomCatering).
      +46 (0)8 727 72 30.

Apart from logistics, which other aspects do I need to consider in order to host a successful Stockholm+50 Side Event?

  • Thematic relevance: As organizer, please ensure that your side event is closely aligned with the theme of the international meeting, as well as with the expectations articulated in the concept note of the meeting and the Leadership Dialogues. Relevant background papers are available at
  • Quality of speakers: The selection of moderator and panelists is of critical importance. If possible, please consider professional moderators, or moderators with a proven track facilitating high level, international events. Your moderator plays a central role in creating the right atmosphere for an engaging, interactive, focused and productive dialogue with and among speakers, and if possible, with the audience. Make sure that your moderator is fully briefed and prepared in advance; holding at least one preparatory meeting with the moderators and speakers is highly recommended.
  • Broad representation: When making the final selection of speakers/panelists, please aim at ensuring gender balance as much as possible, as well as geographical and inter-generational representation, to promote a diversity of views and perspectives in the conversation.
  • Time Management: When planning your event, please bear in mind that you only have 75 minutes. Strategically consider the best ways to engage your speakers and your audience towards meaningful outcomes, especially those that add value to the overall objectives of the international meeting. Avoid spending time on lengthy introductions or in exchanging information that is already available elsewhere.
  • Documentation: Ensure that the key messages from the event are properly captured and available for reporting to the Stockholm+50 secretariat right after the event (please send these key messages and the information on other relevant outcomes from the side event to [email protected]).
  • Communication: If possible, consider designing and implementing a communication strategy for your side event, including social media engagement and promotion. This strategy is key to attract your target audience to the event, especially if you opt for the livestream/hybrid option. Designate someone in your team communicating live the key messages from the meeting using the hashtag #Stockholm50 and #OnlyOneEarth.

Where can I find more information on travel, accommodation, etc. for the journey to Stockholm?

Where can I find more information on insurance and general terms and conditions at Stockholmsmässan?