A global roadmap for an inclusive circular economy

Friday 3 June
17:30 - 18:00 CEST
Stockholmsmässan, Stage 1

Organizers: The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)


A key theme at Stockholm+50 is the role of the circular economy in offering systemic solutions to achieve a healthy planet for the prosperity of all. Individual countries, companies and communities are moving forward on the circular economy agenda, but global cooperation remains fragmented. Concerted efforts are now required for an economy-wide transition, away from a system where 91% of the resources we take from Earth are wasted.

Leading up to Stockholm+50, Chatham House convened a series of international online workshops and stakeholder consultations on how to elevate the circular economy to advance global development and environmental goals. Many participants highlighted "A global roadmap for an inclusive circular economy" as a way of addressing these issues after Stockholm+50.

The roadmap process could provide a voluntary, inclusive and transparent space for all stakeholders to work towards a common vision and to take collective action. Without creating additional multilateral structures, it could enable closer cooperation and support delivery of existing global commitments, such as the Paris Agreement and SDGs, in which circular economy play a key role.

This session will present the proposal for a global circular economy roadmap initiative, reflect on how circular economy has been featured during the Stockholm+50 process and outcomes, and look at the way ahead for circular economy after Stockholm+50.


  • Presentation of global roadmap for an inclusive circular economy (10 mins), Patrick Schröder and Jack Barrie (Environment and Society Programme, Chatham House)
  • Reflections on Stockhlm+50 outcomes and the role of the circular economy (5-10 mins), Sebastian Gill (European Commission)
  • Vanessa Timmer (Executive Director, One Earth)
  • Q&A with audiences (5-10 mins)

Contact: Patrick Schroeder (PSchroeder_at_chathamhouse.org)

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