Faith in Earth – A deep conversation on religious perspectives on the way forward for a healthy planet

Thursday 2 June
17:45-19:00 CEST
Stockholmsmässan, Room 4

Organizers: Swedish Pentecostal International Relief and Development Agency, LM International, SMC-faith in Development, Faith for Earth Initiative within UNEP

About: Faith communities have a rich tradition of applying a holistic world view on human life and creation. They acknowledge the cry of the earth with the cry of the most vulnerable in our societies. The seminar will create room for deep listening where religious perspectives are discussed linked to the themes of the Stockholm +50 conference.

Highlighting the role of religious actors in shaping a new values-based and sustainable development paradigm. The seminar builds on the rich and important UNEP's Faith for Earth conversation and the outcome of its 25 sessions during UNEA 5. The seminar will both include the faith narrative and voices from the most vulnerable in our societies. Themes to be covered: Spirituality and the solutions for the present environmental crisis: Ethos, hope and the narrative capital from the faith community. The link between religion and sustainable lifestyles inspired by the religious narratives about stewardship, consumerism, and care for creation A healthy planet for the prosperity of all, how faith led stewardship can make the decade of action positively impactful. Hands-on examples of the role of faith actors in tackling climate change and create hope leading to transformation.

Moderator(s): Esther Flores-Sedman (PMU - Swedish Pentecostal International Relief and Development Agency)


  • Petter Jakobsson (SMC-Faith in Development)
  • Iyad Abu-Moghli (UNEP)
  • Mary Kirima (International Aid Services Kenya)
  • Festus Mukoya (PMU/Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya)
  • Karenna Gore (Center for Earth Ethics)
  • Yonatan Neril (Interfaith Centre for Sustainable Development)
  • Shahin Ashraf (Islamic Relief Worldwide)
  • Andreas Holmberg (Church of Sweden)
  • Jenny Ohlsson (MFA Sweden)
  • Charlotta Norrby (SMC-Faith in Development)

Contact person: Mikael Jägerskog (

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