Associated Events

Associated events will serve a key complementary role to the Stockholm+50 international meeting. These independently organized events will provide a platform for diverse stakeholders to convene Stockholm+50-related events in association with the international meeting itself. Unlike side events, associated events will not physically take place at the official Stockholmsmässan venue in Sweden – they can be physical, virtual or hybrid and can take place anywhere in the world. In doing so, additional valuable ideas from diverse voices and contexts can be showcased on a global stage.

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Submission and application process

Submissions now closed: Associated event organizers were invited to complete an associated event submission form by 15 May 2022. Approved events will be featured in the Stockholm+50 Associated Events calendar.

Each submission will be reviewed by the Stockholm+50 coordination team. The review process will focus on relevance of the event to the overall theme of Stockholm+50 and its three Leadership Dialogues. The coordination team will endeavour to provide a decision to prospective hosts within one week of submission via email. 


Associated events that have been approved will be featured in the Stockholm+50 events calendar and will have the right to use the official Stockholm+50 associated event logo to promote their event. 


Applicants may not use the term “Stockholm+50” in the title of their event to avoid confusion between formal Stockholm+50 proceedings. Any additional support (technical support, promotion, logistics, travel, etc.) will be solely the responsibility of event organizers. Please note that an event with an attendance fee or an attendee financial component does not qualify.


Please direct any questions about specific associated events to the event organizers themselves. Prospective organizers can view our Frequently Asked Questions